FBC company corresponding to nowadays challenges and exploiting the simultaneous communication potentialities, welcomes you also to its electronic presence.

This presentation aims to an easy and convenient search of our constructions.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, our company feels the need to express its gratefulness to all our customers for the confidence they showed, embracing our products and supporting us for the last 50 years.


FBC Company was established in 1966 by Mr. K. Floros as an individual company, and later in 1991 named  FBC.

FBC is one of the few Greek Engineering Companies, which has extensive experience in designing and implementing projects in Industrial Refrigeration.

FBC managed to expand its activities and gain Navigation, not only by using conventional methods and solutions but by using specialized applications.

The extensive experience of  FBC is the result of a wide range of constructions which puts us among the most expert and reliable manufacturers in industrial Refrigeration.


1. High quality and reliability
2. Low cost of function and maintenance
3. Suppleness of installation for extension and modification.
4.  Short plant depreciation.


We always team up with the customer in close contact, focus on his specified needs and demands,  choose, recommend, manufacture, and make the installation of the Industrial Refrigeration Unit , using always excellent supply.