FBC’ s Flake Machines are manufactured using only high quality corrosion resistant materials and all the parts that are water-tight are made of stainless steel.

Their production range is 500kg-15.000kg* per 24 hours immediately from start up.

The machines are compatible with existing refrigerant system or we can make a new one suitable for your place availability.


FBC provides 2-5 years guarantee depending on service agreement for the unit.



*The productivity varying according to a room temperature and the water quality and supply.




The flake machine consists of a stationary vertical cylinder witch is double wall insulated.

The water is sprayed from the top tray and distributed inner surface in a continuous water curtain.

The low temperature refrigerant that is between the cylinder walls freezes the water and then the ice is scrapped by a knife fixed inside the cylinder without touching it.



What we recommend as an alteration is to set an inverter to the electric motor of the knife so to manage speed adjustment which means thickness adjustment of the flake ice and production regulation.