FBC can also supply a wide range of pressure vessels for the Industry and Navigation according to the required specifications.

Each vessel is designed and manufactured in accordance with its operating pressure and temperature.

Usually in low temperatures (-40 ° C) the vessel is made of stainless steel SS304 (since it has zero corrosion and operating limit -70 ° C)


1. Air Vessels

They are pressure vessels for compressed air storage for piping in factories or ships. Their operating pressure is usually 10bar and the temperature is +60 ° C.


2. Refrigerant Liquid Receiver

Ammonia or Freon vessels are manufactured to operate at pressures up to 25bar and temperatures up to +80 ° C

2. Ammonia Separators

are listed in two types:

-for ammonia pumps or


In all cases the operating temperatures are low (-10°C up to -50 °C) and also the pressures accordingly.


4. Intercooler

They are specially designed containers for ammonia two-stage circuits with design and construction requirements.

5. Oil Receivers

The Oil Receivers are auxiliary to the ammonia refrigeration circuits. Their construction material is SS304 stainless steel sheet primarily for corrosion resistance and secondly for their operating temperature.