FBC Company can also supply a wide range of Industrial FLAKE ICE MACHINES.

Heavy duty construction of the Flake Ice Machines has been designed to withstand the difficult environment and provide total flexibility, reliability, long life and superior corrosion resistance.


Flake ice machines are the best solution for


  • Fishing Industry

  • Poultry

  • Fish Wharf

  • Ice production Industry

  • On –Board fishing vessels

  • Seafood processors

  • Chemical companies

  • Concrete companies

  • Supermarkets


The installation of an Ice Flake Machine is very simple and easy and could be on the ground or on the boat.

The machines can be compatible with an existing refrigerant system or can be delivered with a new condensing unit as well.


The operation is capable of using either fresh water or sea water.

The cost of operation is very low.


The machines can be designed to operate on either R-404 or R-717 (Ammonia) depending on the type of the machine.


The quality of the flake ice is excellent and there

is the capability of ice thickness adjustment and as a result we have production regulation.


The production capacity range is from

500kg/24hours to 15000kg/24hours and can be produced immediately and continuously after starting the plant without defrosts or interruptions.


Depending on their way of operation we have two main categories of Flake Ice Machines:


  1. Vertical Flake Ice Machines

  2. Horizontal Flake Ice Machines